Readyshare is not accessible.

So in all their infinite wisdom, Microsoft "Closed a security hole" by blocking network shares that are NOT supported by a CREDENTIAL. Thus blocking the ReadyShare feature of the NetGear NightHawk series routers and others from connecting a USB 3 Hard Drive as a network share in Windows 10 and Windows 7. (these are the only 2 OS's on my network.

After several days and a new replacement router from Netgear, I found the answer in the Netgear forums. (I think the associate I spoke with at Netgear should have caught this....)

The version of this solution on the Forum did not work for me so here is what did work for me.

This applies to the Nighthawk R6700v3 and others

How to fix readyshare in windows 10 and windows 7:

Go into "user account" in control panel.

Go to "manage your credentials" this will open 2 options, "web credentials" and "windows credentials".

Go to windows credentials and add a new windows credential.

Enter the location of the drive, "\\readyshare" on the first line.

Check the box "Reconnect at sign-in".

Check the box "Connect using different credentials".

Click "Finish".

Click "More Choices".

Use your Windows login username.

Use your Windows password.

Check the "Remember my credentials".

You're done, you should see "Readyshare" under network and be able to access it as a network drive.