Ricky Steve Chambers

I will miss you forever. You were the inspiration for many great adventures into the mountains. If my phone rang at 8 AM Sunday morning, I knew it was you. You truly brought many people happiness in the love of the outdoors and kept them safe. High on the cliffs and in the woods of the entire Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and even West Virginia area since 1982 you went. I put my life in your hands countless times and we had fun like you can't get on the ground.

You always had one more place "you gotta see!" like Horsepens, Table Rock, Boatrock, Whitesides, Backbone Rock, Ship Rock, every cliff in a 200 mile range or more. You were always quite the salesman about places to climb, making the next adventure "the place you wish you had been to years ago". And usually he was right.

He surely holds the record in this area for first ascents.
We established dozens of climbing routes at the Blue Hole area starting in 1982 and he always had a unique and creative name for every one. He drew many of them on a piece of drywall I still have and with some help I plan on publishing his routes there so he will get the credit he deserves.

Some of the most memorable were, Tron, Ventura Highway, Van Gough did it with one ear, Mighty Mouse, Frankenstein, Captain Hook, The Rolling Stone, Stage Freight, The Nose, War Face, The Spiders Need a Feeding, and many many more...

Now you are at the ultimate in heights my friend, in heaven. You will be admired and missed by many but never forgotten.